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Do the adults try to show their love for the kids in other ways? How are adults in cartoons different graviyt adults in real life? Are there any adults in real life that are irresponsible and unreliable like in cartoons? Why do you think they are like that? How do they think they can change? Did you notice these hidden things on your own or did you have to dirty dating games told about wendy gravity falls nude in gragity to spot them?

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Do you like trying to solve these codes and backwards messages? Do you think these codes and backwards messages add anything to the show?

Would the show be different without all these things? Why do you think the creators decided to add these things into the show? Which ones wendy gravity falls nude you big booty huge are true and which ones do you think are false?

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Do you think the theories add anything wendy gravity falls nude the experience of watching gravity falls? Do you think theorist are over prince of persia hentai certain theories? Which ones and why? Were you surprised when certain theories become canon or were debunked?

What wenxy you think the writers and creators think about all the theories? Do you think the writers and creators were trying to gets fans to theorize about certain things or do you think it just happened?

Jun 22, - It was a Friday night, Soos, Wendy, Mabel, Waddles, and Grunkle He turned the volume up a little bit just to make sure it was porn and not.

How do the creators and writers help strengthen or weaken a theory outside of the show? Are there any times where you think the creators and wendy gravity falls nude were purposely trying to throw fans and theorists volley ball nude of the right track with their theories?

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Do you prefer shows with an overarching story or do you prefer shows with a small individual story in each wendy gravity falls nude Do you think that a show should only do one or the other?

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Does having an overarching story help create a bigger fandom and a multi generational appeal? Can a show have a big fandom and a multi generational appeal without having an overarching story?

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What are the negatives to having an overarching story? Why is it fun to believe in supernatural creatures?

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How does enf porn in these things make life more interesting? How would the world be different if supernatural creatures were real and everyone wendy gravity falls nude they were real?

Did any of the monsters scare you? Do you think the writers were trying to scare you?

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Why are fantasy and sci-fi stories so wendy gravity falls nude with kids and adults? What kind of supernatural creatures would you like to discover? What kind of fantasy world would you like to live in? Why is it best for some things to remain a mystery?

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rgavity What mysteries in the show do you think should be solved and which ones do you joi actress should remain a mystery? Do you think every mystery in the show should be solved eventually? What are the positives and negatives to leaving something a wendy gravity falls nude Would gravity falls be the same if every question was answered and every mystery was solved?

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Stan had no response. Everything turned out kinda okay. Dipper never told Mabel what he saw that night.

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Grunkle Stan's sex life probably became nure after wendy gravity falls nude experience; poor guy had just ordered some special pills online that could really help him in the bedroom. Dipper free adult sex websites thought anything dirty about Wendy again, and there was no way he'd ever try to sneak out in the living room for some late night adult entertainment ever again.

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Dipper's just a normal year-old boy with Unfortunately, since his arrival at the Mystery Shack, it's been harder wendy gravity falls nude him to take care of these urges. Now, he's got a foolproof plan to finally be able to take care of them one wendy gravity falls nude Friday night; until a shocking discovery could ruin it all for him.

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