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This is a pretty long and great RPG. You have found a ring that will grant you every wish you desire but first you must feed it with sexual power from a slave!

Those who refuse are put to the sword.

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The last remaining glimmer of light comes from their Queen; she is their only hope. It is time to eradicate this final vestige of light from Erolandia once and for all.

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And so your final quest begins Login Register Your Comment: Ya Boi Pal Penis July 8, at 6: July 8, at 8: July 9, at 3: July 10, at 7: July 13, at 3: July 15, at 9: July 22, at July 27, at 8: July 31, at 8: August 7, at 6: At the very beginning slave lord 2 sex slave adventure the game I was asked to name porn fever girl.

Inside the game the name was different.

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Make her clean the orc cave for gold, which will allow you to buy things that help train. Bad graphics and im not sure if the game is full or something like demo and incomplete.

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I didnt like it. Not a bad game. Animation is a bit crude but I had fun and look forward to playing more when more content is avalible.

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The game was ok. I have no idea what to do Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong please.

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The game is disgusting. I just really whish I have read something about it before I checked it by myself.

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Check our other sites. This game makes me feel the worst person in the world. I live your porb avoca Arkansas and i have big tits.

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Food Junction Hostel Anyways when is the full version coming out? Remove this slavery crap now before someone grts invaded by tyr fbi.

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How do you think I feel? Dave Hunter

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