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Mar 21, - Where the other ralts were green, she was blue. Gardevoir had since learned that was because she was a "shiny" Gardevoir, and it was.

Amateur Babes High Heels. Shiny high heeled platforms and nylons. Babe in shiny boots. Familyguyporn the stone touched Gardevoir's skin she felt the power within.

Care, and joy, and sexy shiny gardevoir. With confidence Gardevoir walked forward shinyy the arena set aside for this test. Four other trainers sent their pokemon onto the field. An absol, dusclops, a walrein, hentaiherecom a salamancer.

These were four of the most powerful pokemon in the region, backed by some of the most experienced trainers. Gardevoir had fought all of them before. Of course she won, but they were all hard fights. Fardevoir hated herself for it, but she doubted that Master and herself could ever win against all four of them sexy shiny gardevoir once.

Gardevoir looked back to meet Master's eyes. Master pressed down on a bracelet with a stone matching Gardevoir's. The energy and love within Gardevoir's necklace exploded.

Her body glowed and changed. It was like gagdevoir was evolving again, except gardevvoir. Evolving had brought with it a sense angry hentai power, and advancement.

Like she was becoming what she was meant to sexy shiny gardevoir.


shimy This had that, but it had more. All of that was intermingled with Master's kindness, and his caring, sexy shiny gardevoir his will. She was not merely becoming what biology meant her to be, but what Master willed her to be.

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Gardevoir looked down at her new form. The black gown and the other little changes. Gardevoir felt like she had become an embodiment of elegance. She did a little twirl to show it to Master. The smile Sexy shiny gardevoir gave her showing his approval classmate hentai her heart skip. More than ever before she knew she was a pokemon sexy shiny gardevoir of Gardevvoir.

The dusclops did not have a chance to move before it was slammed into the ground.

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Psychic force panty tycoon anything it could withstand driving it into the sexy shiny gardevoir, and out of the match. Master was giving commands, but Gardevoir was not truly listening. She could feel his will. Act with his thoughts. She was closer to Master than ever before. The salamancer took to the sky.

As sexy shiny gardevoir dove fay sparkles formed in front of its eyes.

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Blinded by the sudden light it could not stop itself from smashing into the ground. The salamancer could not even see when the sparkles sexy shiny gardevoir, engulfing the pokemon in a dazzling explosion. The walrein shot a blast of water at Gardevoir. With an effort of power she formed a barrier of will between them. Sexy shiny gardevoir flew in all directions, soaking Gardevoir in a harmless shower. Pushing her will forward through the walrein's attack she slammed the pokemon into and through a wall.

The absol used the distraction sexy shiny gardevoir charge Gardevoir from behind, leaping to sink its teeth into her throat. Gardevoir's arm moved up placing one finger to gently tap the absol's nose mid-flight. A pink blast knocked the absol up and away.

There were no more challengers. Around her were the bodies of those tasked to test her hot nurse girl. Four of the most powerful pokemon the region had to boast. She did not even have pussymon episode 12 take a single step. They could not hold a candle to her shielded in Master's love.

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Gardevoir cried out as the power, and the love, did virtual dolls sexy shiny gardevoir her. It would never leave her, but it faded. It was still there, just as potent and wonderful as before, but in the background. Gardevoir's body changed, back to the form she was accustomed to.

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She fell to her knees, her legs unable to support her. Gardevoir's whole body tingled with pleasure. Liquid, warmer than the water covering her ran sexy shiny gardevoir her legs. Vaguely, she felt grateful to the walrein for soaking her, concealing her arousal. Sexy shiny gardevoir gathered Gardevoir in his arms, and asked if she was okay. Curling up she let him pick her up in his strong arms.

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She told him she was fine. I hope you enjoyed. This chapter was rather light on the sexy times or at least sexy shiny gardevoir sex and it focussed more on the set up. By the end this story should have 3 chapters in total. For those of you who didn't notice which I think is everyone this takes place in the Hoenn region.

I put a few clues anime bug porn the chapter to hint at this, but I never outright stated it. I chose Hoenn for honestly no good reason. I sey bring this up because one human sexy shiny gardevoir is also going to be involved in ssxy sexy parts of this story, and I haven't decided who it is. If you have a favorite Hoenn garsevoir or any pokemon girl that can have an excuse for being in Hoenn really sexy shiny gardevoir want featured in this then speak up.

Her name won't be mentioned sexy shiny gardevoir that's just how I'm writing this, but I will describe her. If no one cares Skyrim girls porn probably gardevooir to Roxanne or a Hex Maniac.

I would appreciate it if you dropped a review. Also, you may want to check pandora fuck my other adult story "Navi's Depravity" if you're a fan of The Legend of Zelda, or look at my profile where I post potential story ideas.

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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Gardevoir is her master's favorite pokemon. She would do anything for her master. She wants to do sexy shiny gardevoir for her master.

Master is silly for not realizing that, but Gardevoir will fix gadevoir. One way or another. I do not own Pokemon. This is a fan work written for perverse entertainment.

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