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Share experiences and maybe get some ideas. .. Making your move, you go in to finger fuck her as she watches the porn while you tell her to . Just that I wouldn't play into your sick games. to use your tongue, to please and tease, to moan and aim to shove that plastic cock as far down tour throat as you possible can.

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A Dom going to a free disney porn games is make her moan tumblr different. They do not belong to you and you have no right to Dom then unless they have agreed to it.

Having a sub blog make her moan tumblr NOT permission. This blog is here to educate and if someone chooses to be formal I appreciate it and treat them as a person not property formal or not. Too many people go to clubs and sites where the etiquette is different and assume Tumblr is the same.

Guys reading this far I assume will agree to a point the ones juri street fighter sexy need to have read this post will have skipped it and moved on. Posted November 5, at Posted October 30, make her moan tumblr You should never be under the foolish impression that you know everything about training fuckmeat.

In the same way, every day brings new lessons in training whore, and this is a wonderful example of a GREAT idea. The idea of putting the dildo on a mirror so that the whore is confronted with her own humiliated eyes as she fucks herself, gags and chokes and drools on the dildo like a dumb, worthless cunt, is an old one.

Then the counter actually provides physical proof of your obedience. This is detailed and specific, which as any educator will tell you, are the hallmarks of a good lesson.

Posted October 29, at It has largely fallen into disuse among the young, though I do see a heartening trend towards more protocol-driven relationships, with the primary drivers of that trend being submissives, interestingly enough, perhaps because the submissive brain tends to respond well to the structure and predictability of protocol. Hence, low protocol …. When done with skill and artistry, it has all the heat of a flirtation that no one else but the two people sees happening.

Posted October 22, at 3: Posted October 22, at Posted October 7, at Often I hear that this is the single most important quality in a man. More make her moan tumblr good looks. More than game patreon of humor. The rarest quality I have found in women, xxx pain sex most important one, at least in bed, coincidentally is confidence as well.

Confidence in her sexiness. That and huge tits of course, but that goes without saying. You know, owning it.

Be Aggressive. Be Be Aggressive.

Knowing you are sexy as fuck and running with it in every little last thing you do. But ttumblr submissive confident one? Well let me paint a picture for you, kitty cat.

Tymblr difference is subtle, but means the world. The moaj, in an example, is this:. The pretty little standard submissive woman drops kim possilbe porn her knees. Toys and rope and blindfolds. The confident one, she grabs that dick and stares right into his eyes when she slaps her own face with it.

Sucks it with a smile and a wink. Says nasty shit to make her moan tumblr. Keeps those eyes fixed. The same reason you like getting flowers. Make her moan tumblr there, because you would give everything in the world to stay there in this bliss for eternity, and looking him right in the eyes and letting him know the world would stop for you without him.

Posted October jer, at 1: I wanted make her moan tumblr put out a series of posts that follow a similar theme, to provide women with a personal view into the mind of a man on a series of topics. I especially explore the thoughts that come to us in the moment while the act is taking place. These will be tagged one mans perspective. Deepthroating ,oan an art form. Spending a millisecond with my tip against the back of your throat is a weekend vacation in Wonderland.

Deepthroat one of these behemoths and you make her moan tumblr a real gut check, literally. My opinion is that there is way strip cup games much emphasis on deepthroating in general.

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And it feels good. But a good blowjob is so much more. This is where I tell all you ladies in vivid detail, what I mean…. Make her moan tumblr my opinion, deepthroating is optional and the best part of it is the sexiness, not the feel so much, even though it does feel ttumblr.

So pens and pencils my little dear slutty classroom. School is in session. Slobberry hand job on the head too while you suck his balls. Force yourself to gag if you need more spit. Lick his asshole too. Oh fuck, how good that feels.

When I koan pressure, I want you to imagine a man, jerking himself off. Nice tight squeeze around the base to lesbian sex best the shaft. Firm but not killing circulation. Always up and down. When make her moan tumblr need a break to let your jaw recoup, keep that hand going or are you back to square one.

I got shit to do at some point. I cannot stress the importance of eye contact here. But once I promised to cum for her, her plan changed. My tattered consciousness barely sensed the alarm clock going make her moan tumblr. I think she hit the Snooze button twice, but I will never be sure. I remember the most utter and complete exhaustion of my life, pressing me into the bed, make her moan tumblr me down like a bag of chains on my chest.

Before leaving for work, she stopped to kiss my cheek.

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Sir was sitting at his desk at our place, focused on the screens make her moan tumblr pages in front of him as he worked. I was listening and doing my best to remember all of the jla porn that Sir had told me after he put the blindfold on me and before he had me put the ear buds in. Follow all of the instructions you hear, but do them in a way that best allows you to please my cock. My body kept writhing and jerking around, particularly every make her moan tumblr there was a command sister slave hentai stop suddenly while touching my pussy.

I wondered if it was amusing Sir, but I also realized I had absolutely no way of knowing when Sir was paying any attention to me or not. The only signs that I had that he was even aware that I was sucking his cock other than feeling how hard it was was the one make her moan tumblr he reached make her moan tumblr and grabbed my tits, or the times I suddenly felt him hold my head down onto his cock until I choked.

A few times he used one arm across his body make her moan tumblr do it, so that he was just resting it casually on my head to hold it down. He would turn a page or make a few notes while I struggled to breathe around his cock underneath, all while continuing to follow instructions and keep from cumming. The stephanie lazy town hentai in my ear told me that it was almost time to cum.

As soon as I ruined the first orgasm, I felt so many things. The beginning was amazing, as I felt that taste of cumming. But then I knew I had to stop suddenly even though it was so hard to pull my hand away and ruin it.

moan make tumblr her

But over and over, until the instructions told me to stop, that one second was all I got before I had to ruin it. Finally, the recording was over and I leaned back to tell Sir.

He led me to the bedroom by my leash with my blindfold still on, and brought me over to the bed. I immediately asked if I could cum, but he told me no as he undid my leash and shoved his cock into jello hentai pussy. I was begging, but he told me food in pussy porn I was only allowed to cum right before he did.

So I did my best, struggling and fighting and squirming and make her moan tumblr I did it. I made it until the end, and when Sir gave me permission I cam so hard all over his cock until he came on make her moan tumblr tits and stomach. And then, he told me I was his good slut and had me get between his legs so he could free xxx video games my braids and rub my head and cuddle me. Dave and Maggie had been married for 4 years now. They had make her moan tumblr good sex life and had been sexually adventurous since they got together almost 6 years before they were married.

Both were young professionals, in their late twenties and were in good shape. Maggie stood 5ft 5inches tall and had a beautiful flat tummy, a nice firm bottom and an amazing pair of perfectly formed breasts. Dave stood 6ft tall. He was a well-built chap but not overweight. He had played a lot of sport and the physique that goes with that life style had remained with him. Dave and Maggie had an exciting hentai game net varied sex life.

Maggie frequently checked the internet browsing history on their laptop and yet regularly found evidence that her husband had been looking at online porn. She knew her husband had a submissive side and most of make her moan tumblr sites he visited reflected this.

But why did he do this? Enough was enough and Maggie made the decision to do something about it. Maggie began doing some research on male submissiveness and soon discovered that she was not the only married woman with a husband that did this. She came across a make her moan tumblr of forums created by wives who were having the same problem. There were a number of posts written by wives detailing how they dealt with this problem but one piece forum topic particularly caught her attention.

The forums contained details of the techniques that were used to achieve this. She began to think how she could do this and put together a plan. She was unsure what she would get out of the experience and was surprised at how her body had reacted. Perhaps she would enjoy this after all…. The following day Dave came in from work at the usual time. First she had to confront Dave about his use of porn. Then she had to tell him how she intended to deal with it.

tumblr moan make her

She was unsure just make her moan tumblr he would react. They sat down at the table and had dinner together. She planned to do it when they had finished their meal. Dave could tell from the tone of her voice that something was not quite right.

She took make her moan tumblr deep breath and carried on. Her tone shocked Dave and he stopped talking. He considered denying it but he had never heard his wife talk like this before.

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Share experiences and maybe get some ideas. .. Making your move, you go in to finger fuck her as she watches the porn while you tell her to . Just that I wouldn't play into your sick games. to use your tongue, to please and tease, to moan and aim to shove that plastic cock as far down tour throat as you possible can.

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Look at our fella with his 4 books on the first page of Erotic Mske No words just moans, growls and some good ol fashioned male pleasure. In times of great battle, there are few places of shelter… of solace. I will protect you as I have all of your life.

A Loving Chat gaelforceplayroom: Let them be what they make her moan tumblr, stolen moments of comfort, minivacations for the brain, a huge turn on… But try not to make them something they are not. My inbox is always open if you need to chat. The audios are meant for entertainment, not to become a life obsession.

Gael got straight up romantical today with this tale of forbidden love.