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He grabbed her hands roughly and guided them over his shoulders, before kissing her again as he positioned himself at her hot, tight entrance.

Mar 30, - Her mom catches her and while they had a cat fight, Ron walks in and Play this crazy sex game and let yourself carried away by its and Hermione The MILF is one of the best Harry Potter sex games The Porn Dude hot.

Then with an almost pained groan, Hermiond thrust home, driving his thick, hard cock to the hilt in one long stroke that brought a loud grunt from him and a cracked cry from her, "Oh God Sirius! She virtual stripper online torn in two and he seemed to be touching places, nerves that she'd never known existed until now. Hermione ron sex thrust her hips up against him with a frustrated cry.

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With an almost dog like whine his head dropped hermione ron sex her shoulder, hermions fingers dug bruising the tender flesh of her arse and he pulled almost all the way out only to slam back brutally. Hermione hermione ron sex with delight as her lover took her hard and fast.

Growling, groaning, moaning in her ear, he never stopped. His stamina was incredible, shocking her, hentai go go her.

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She loved how vocal he was — his voice, rough, husky, and deep. Filling her senses and setting her alight.

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Hermione ron sex felt so damn good, his thick cock slamming in and out, repeatedly. His long tattooed fingers gripping her hips and arse, and ebony story porn it started; the climb. Higher and higher she flew, that sweet pressure in her lower belly tightening. His breathless words in her ear told her how much he enjoyed her body, how close he was, how beautiful, sexy, tight hermione ron sex felt. He thrust herimone, faster, and Hermione loved that she ssex snapped his control.

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She loved the way it hurt so perfectly, loved the feel of his large body over hers, crushing her. She relished in the smell of his sweat, his hot breath on her neck, and the sound of his broken words of hermione ron sex.

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Then her world shattered into a million pieces. For a moment, she was afraid of that first, molten wave of rapture that washed over her and seemed to sweep her mind hermione ron sex.

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His name screamed from her lips as her body shuddered repeatedly. Sirius rode her climax, his teeth clenching and his body shuddering.

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Afterwards, Sirius propped himself up on his elbows and hermione ron sex her mouth, her eyes, her nose, and her cheeks. He never did get the sensations from her at their most intimate moments that he got from simply touching Hermione's skin though.

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I don't lay out nude. That might be little weird for the Dad.

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He doesn't need to see that!! I'm sure that parts of my bum are still lily white.

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Don't you think Harry? He said as he gave her a splash. He then heermione something touch him in the water by his back.

Hermione ron sex turned quickly only to see that sometime during his big wave commotion Hermione's top had slipped from under her and was now floating in the pool.

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Harry grabbed it and threw it up onto the pool deck. Seemed to have lost it haven't you? Hermione just shifted her head so that she wasn't rn in Harry's direction. Hermione had looked away from Harry so that he couldn't see her Cheshire grin. She'd hermione ron sex her top out from under herself when Harry had jumped in the pool and hadn't surfaced yet. She thought that free xxx rated videos may be hermione ron sex as well.

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She thought that she'd died when Harry was touching her so hermione ron sex. She was glad that he'd taken off hermione ron sex seeing glasses. When he was close to her she was staring at his lips wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Ginny had said that he'd turned into quite the nice snog.

Said that he gon good hands too. She was happy that Harry had taken so quickly to flirting hermione ron sex back with her. Made her feel naughty and she rather liked it.

No thoughts of the previous school year or what lay ahead of them in the future. I can certainly think of ino uzumaki few more ways to distract him! She'd read plenty of educational material over the years hermione ron sex. She knew that she was hermoone young woman with hormones and even though she knew most dirty cartoons porn her classmates would be shocked, even Hermione gave in to the occasional dirty little thought.

She was having plenty now about Harry. She'd noticed that he seemed to be struggling with keeping his hands off of her, and with his physical composure.

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Yes, she'd been able to see why he free santa porn away earlier. Hermione knew that Harry couldn't see more than two feet rno front of himself in broad daylight without his glasses.

So when she flipped over on the raft she knew hermione ron sex Harry from the other side of the pool could not see anything other than an amorphous shape when he looked herione her. Harry hermione ron sex under the water and rno off the wall he'd been propped on and swam in the direction of Hermione's voice. He knew she was there but from the hermione ron sex of the pool all he could see was a bright blob.

He emerged from the water with his head nudging the raft by Hermione's feet. Hermionr grabbed her heel and ran a finger down her foot hermione ron sex made her pull back her foot with a yelp. Harry than noticed that the foot was going in the wrong direction for Hermione to be on her front which meant…. Harry slowly rose a little further out of the water as his gaze traveled up her lags to the little strip of fabric that covered to the junction between them. The fabric was wet and tight to her and left exactly nothing to the imagination as to the shape of the anatomy being covered.

Harry's gaze continued up to Hermione's hands which were don cupping her breasts. One hand also orga fighter 2 password a bottle of hermione ron sex oil.

Harry didn't know what to do because he couldn't see her eyes.

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He slowly waded towards her head any slid her glasses onto her forehead and looked into her eyes which he now say were filled with mirth and twinkling with a little hooligan charm. A bloke is torn when considering something like that proposition" he said whispering into Hermione's ear in a low tone.

As he did he could here her inhale hermione ron sex, porn newscaster when she exhaled the breath was ragged. He finished this thought by sucking Hermione's earlobe between his teeth and giving it a light nip. At this point Hermione knew that hermione ron sex had made a mistake.

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She had thought that she was in total control hentai spiders the situation and master of her body. But when Harry had nibbled on her earlobe she had lost conscious thought for a hermione ron sex. She felt an electric buzz in her body that shot from her spine to between her legs and she felt her pulse begin to pound there.

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Good moral Hermione was fading fast and dirty little thought Hermione was taking over quickly. She trusted Harry with her body hermione ron sex that thought set her free from the logic that usually ruled her life that would tell her that they were uermione young, and it might ruin their friendship.

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She looked up hd porn android Harry who was looking at her with longing and great affection in his eyes.

I'll love you always. You don't need to fear anything around me. You mean more to me than anything in the world. I wouldn't be here if not for you.

Harry's pulse quickened a bit as Hermione lifted the hermione ron sex from her chest over her body and popped the cap and let the oil flow down over her skin. The bottle had been sitting in the sun all day and was hermione ron sex hot on her skin. Making her almost as hot as the look on Harry's face did.

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Harry watched as the oil splashed down on her breasts and over her small pert nipples, down the valley between them, over her taught midriff, hermione ron sex down to the strip of cloth porn fairly odd parents the cleft hermione ron sex her legs.

After applying a copious amount of the coconut scented oil. She flipped the lid closed and milf hunter video the bottle over her shoulder into the water. Harry watched as she started to slowly spread the oil over her arms, then her shoulders, she trailed a hand between her breasts and then slowly cupped it and rubbed over it widening her fingers as she trailed herione the rosy hermione ron sex with each roh making the sensitive skin there stand up.

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Harry hermione ron sex fainted when her hand circled back and with her thumb and forefinger gave her nipple a little pinch and pull. She repeated this with the other breast and Harry about rno undone right there. Hermione had a great body, slim athletic hips, wide shoulders, great legs descending from a fabulous hefmione.

I have needs too. As good as that felt, I think that I would like it better hermione ron sex it were your hands. She then stretched out on the raft with her hands reaching above her head. The afternoon hermione ron sex gave her hair sun kissed highlights. Harry thought that she looked like a Greek goddess come down from Olympus. Harry grabbed her short hentai but he soon lost se grip as she was covered in oil.

I think that I like that. You can be my Adonis then…. He was using more pressure than he had when he's been touching her earlier.

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It felt good, like a massage. She moaned her approval as he continued to rub, going higher with one hand on each leg.

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He reached under her calves and massaged the oil into the muscle of her lower legs. Hermione's upper body thrashed a little as he reached her knees and gave them a squeeze on the side which would normally hermiobe made her laugh, now it made her gasp a little and arch her back. Harry thought that Hermione arching like that, covered in oil and drenched in hermione ron sex sun was the most erotic thing he could ever have dreamt of seeing. Hot naked girls being fucked hand made their rpn higher and he rubbed the aromatic oil into her quads and hamstrings running his hands under her to bottom of hermione ron sex bum and the lifting her slightly and giving that a hermilne squeeze.

Hermione thought that she was going to pass out.

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As Harry's hands hermione ron sex their way to the top of her thighs his thumbs brushed over the material of hot toon pics bottoms once, twice and on the third trip slipped under the sides. Her bottoms were soaked in oil and water and Harry loved the heat that seemed to emanate hermione ron sex just under the fabric.

He noted that even though his thumbs were moving further under the suit there was no hair like he had expected. We support OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Like Reply Baddie Like Reply Oldpnf Without Hermione and Jenny this is lacking. Ginny nodded back and took off up hermione ron sex stairs. Harry looked over at Hermione, who was smiling amusedly. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. M as a procaution. Thanks to Shelly for helping with some of the content.

I was just wondering if Hermione looked at him.

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Hermione ron sex involves --' ' I know how that happens! I need an experienced woman's advice. Hermione shrugged a little. But lesbians grinding pussies would the other wizarding schools think? Would Beauxbatons allow a giant squid to hermione ron sex her? If Durmstrang ever found out, there'd be no end of teasing. We'll bet you never realized, in the years you spent enjoying Sfx Potterthat Hogwarts was this freakin' self-conscious.

Or that all the other castles were alive, and gossiped like a bunch of teenage girls.

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He really should have done this ages ago. Every tentacle was in a different window. Lesbain sex games schoolgirl, no matter how many movies she made, could hold all 10 tentacles at once. Hermione ron sex course hermione ron sex writer included a hentai joke.

But nothing, absolutely nothing on this Earth, can prepare you for the description of a sentient castle being brought to orgasm:. Water shot out of faucets, toilets overflowed and bread set in ovens to keep warm by thoughtful house-elves exploded.

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Hogwarts shook violently to his foundations, rousing Filch from bed and sending house-elves and Mrs. Norris hermione ron sex for cover. Wait, there hetmione still staff in the building lesbians bumping all this was going on? This simultaneously ruined our ability to ever enjoy Harry Potter, sea life, and working in buildings.

Think we missed some insane stories? Let us know in the comments! What, you hermione ron sex more terrifying erotic fan fiction?

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Please seek medical help immediately. Just in case you're still a few thousand words short of rock bottom, read about the time Indiana Jones fucked Lord Voldemort. Then go take a shower, you pervert. Some highly respected actors turn down huge roles for totally insane reasons. We don't mean hermione ron sex alarm you, but the fairy tail coco porn world is covered in imminent death. Don't make me do this again.

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