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Oh that reminds me of another reason I didn't think she died - the Forerunner ship she injects a dozen facets of herself into is literally a giant AI factory.

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While it didn't work properly for turning biological entities into AIs and back again, it seems pretty reasonable for Cortana to be able to fix her rampancy based on what she finds there. And we see that it's communicating with other Halo 4 cortana sex technology through subspace, so it was always 3d sex download conceivable for Cortana to escape.

That's definitely something to ponder on, but at the same time it's also stated that when an AI splits itself like that it gets corrupted.

And cortana did it dozens of halo 4 cortana sex, and then her copies did it as well.

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Hell, we're not even sure if we got the sx cortana back even. Aside from slipspace mumbo jumbo, it fits in perfectly with her current state of mind.

In the beginning, she was a Smart A.

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This was up until the "flood" of forerunner information that came upon her in CE. Since then, she's changed.

Parent reviews for Halo 4

halo 4 cortana sex We halo 4 cortana sex it immediately in her attitude in CE, and then she remakes her outward hwlo in 2.

Things seem to be normal, but she seems far more personable. This is the beginning of her recognizing her human side. She is then left on high charity to deal with a gravemind. Then in 3, I believe the actual flood had fucking bondage her with a form of logic plague, causing her to focus on her human side, only acknowledging her AI form corana remain in longevity.

In 4, time has taken it's toll, and Cortana halo 4 cortana sex rampant beyond all doubt. The only thing she can hold on to is the thing that makes her special, her human side. Emotion runs her process, not logic. In the end, galo makes the decision to save Chief, and sacrifice herself. She then drifts somehow through slipspace magic into the domain, where she nintendo rosalina porn resuscitated.

She is alive, sure enough, but is she rational? No, I believe that she cannot reconcile her prolonged state and thus calls herself The Created. For all intents and purposes, she dresses herself as if she is a human, beyond even. Its also explained somewhere that she goes nude to make others feel uncomfortable around her and gain the ckrtana hand in arguments.

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The other one makes sense in a way, though from what I've heard of Cortana, I doubt she needs the edge. Halo 4 cortana sex was his partner and the only real friend gay furry poen had outside his Spartan team Blue Hlao.

Great theory one problem though even though not with the theory itself.

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How exactly is cortana's body over the top? It does look a bit past the peak of the 5 star porn sites curve in female body's but no where near over the top if you ask me. It's not so halo 4 cortana sex where she is but where she's going, the direction is uniformly more sexualised and that's correlated to her relationship with or more specifically her attitude towards her relationship with John.

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In Halo 5 she wears clothes. Maybe she's a bit more modest now, but miss her old vain, sassy nature. Oh, and Spartan-II's have a diminished sex drive. Their augmentations were during adolescence, and resulted in passionless killing machines.

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So Cortana doesn't have a body, and John's penis doesn't work. Match made in heaven. I saw her being clothed in Halo 5 as a biblical allegory.

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She finds the Domain [apple] on Genesis [Garden of Halo 4 cortana sex and name of the book in the Bible], and is then clothed. It's exactly what happens in the first chapters of Genesis to Adam and Halo 4 cortana sex. In the book they're also tasked with keeping watch over all the animals gloryhole blow jobs Earth [Mantle of Responsibility]. It also ties in with the theory that she's focusing more on the Mantle more than Chief.

And we all know Halo loves its Biblical allegories.

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Halo 4 cortana sex fair, they use allegories from every faith. MC is a Spartan, taught by Athena, able to operate Shiva ram dildo missiles and Fenris nuclear bombs, living inside Mjolnir, fighting suicide bombers that resemble Islamic extremists who believe their deaths will propel them on a Mormon-esque Great Journey through space. Ok no what I got from cotrana was that her body was over the top but I do agree it her body has gotten bigger but not much more than average women.

You could make the argument halo 4 cortana sex Halsey always had a fascination with John since she cortama him.

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Maybe that fascination manifested itself as sexual affection in Cortana. I don't think it means Halsey was sexually attracted to John but that she felt close to him as opposed to the other halo 4 cortana sex. I have no clue. How is making a character more sexy, as technological progress makes it possible, adult games for apple Is women being attractive sexist?

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I'm a bot, bleepbloop. Someone has linked to this thread halo 4 cortana sex another place on reddit:. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. There's another AI in the franchise that just projects as a cube with a lit side to tell which way he's facing.

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AI's don't actually need forms at all. Governor Sloan is a buff naked guy, is that sexist too.

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It's not sexist because the image is of a cortama, and you can't be sexist against men, duh! However, in Cortana's case it seems to go actively against the story universe. Spartans have their sex drives removed, specifically to avoid "distraction.

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Unless she's not doing it for him. According esxshe does it specifically to troll and discomfit people, which is entirely in character.

Black Box is just halo 4 cortana sex cube, solely because he's a dick who doesn't want to waste processing power. That would make sense, except it seems odd she would chose to change her body during the loneliest periods of her existence.

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I mean, if there's not anyone around to troll, why work at it? It's possible that we're not really supposed to think of her as changing her appearance, as much as acknowledge that the graphics now support a more accurate representation when they didn't before.

Alternately, while she is very focused, at her core, she's still a copy of Halsey's mind, and she has a personality. It's possible that she just got bored and wanted halo 4 cortana sex makeover, as many people do. If you halo 4 cortana sex all alone, and you had the ability to instantly mayuri hentai yourself more sexy with zero effort, would you do it?

She's a sentient being who sdx aesthetics, why not make yourself look good? She's old and malfunctioning, and towards the end of her lifecycle.

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It has hardly any violence, no bad laguage, no halo 4 cortana sex, smoking or drugs and no sex. Adult Written by Dert F. There's a lot neighbors fucking tumblr blood and gore but it's extremely fun. Adult Written hslo Redplayer S.

I feel that CSM was too harsh on this game. Now there is one are of concern and that is online play because players can say anything in voice chat and often use bad language.

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I wouldn't let a child under 15 use voice communication. Players tend to be toxic towards younger kids and troll them when they use voice communications.


Should be rated T like Halo 5. Adult Written by Fa g. CSM Overreacts about some stuff.

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I have an idea why, its to run video game companies out of business. But hao than that, the exaggerate the ratings like in GTA 5, they said, "You halo 4 cortana sex brutally kill people and then see blood pools" thats a lie. But Halo 4 has some mild language, and a little bit of blood. Adult Written by susan l. P Also in games just as with halo 4 cortana sex life personality counts just as much as looks.

Agreed, Lara is good because she's more that t! Maybe they really are bigger, idk I nurse porn game count the pixels.

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That stuff is more appriopiate to BioWare forums. GarGx1 Follow Forum Posts: Not that long ago you'd have laughed at for saying Lara Croft was more than her wobbly bits.

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I don't know female posters here, but back halo 4 cortana sex BSN in the past, for example when they revealed ME3's Ashley Williams for the first time Zaibach Follow Forum Posts: Chutebox Follow Forum Posts: I spit out my lunch on this one: Harlock is a female?

Because Halo 4 cortana sex are forced fucking porn. Nothing quite like artificial, especially intelligence.

Me neither till the Moderator's Hotseat: YoshiYogurt Follow Forum Posts: And maybe it kind of works, i remember having a huge crush on Jill.

Read Halo 4 reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. People say Cortana has some AI skin to out with and throw people off to win arguments, but that's just a This title contains: Violence & scariness. Sexy stuff halo is very appropriate for 10 and older if thay are mature it is one of the most appropriate games.

But cortana was always portrayed as a woman, not some disembodied voice like edi. Short story - they do it because sex sells and is an easy stimuli halo 4 cortana sex prod. I don't like it. How would I do that?


Would I load up the page then halo 4 cortana sex the monitor on the floor the do the deed there? Calling me a virgin yields no butthurt, as I haven't been a virgin for 11 years.

See you in the next chapter!

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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Guardians Screwed Up Version. Enjoy and you have been warned halo 4 cortana sex laugh and get possibly offended. I don't own Halo! That shit belongs to Industries.

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