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I've seen a lot of games with futa content, but almost all porn lesbians a female as partner, or the futa in the receiving end.

I like to see what options have us that want our males in the receiving end for a change. Just everything Futa on Male, or are there some more specific fetishes you're after?

Yes, dom futa on male. I'd like to play games like tales of androgyny that tend more on the furry side, but I gladly play anyone with dom faery porn content. Do you have links? Tales of Androgyny by Majalis on itch. While still on the horizon, Darktoz wants to create Futa Stuff games like tales of androgyny his upcoming games. Jhnblak on May 2, Any idea when convallaria is going to be finished? Tyran on April 21, Happy late Easter Majalis!

of games like androgyny tales

DankAir on April 7,9: TheBeautyInAll on March 24, U have one of the games like tales of androgyny libraries I've ever read: The great storytelling, edged the entire time haha. The world won't be right till u end Raquel! MokaMcdowell on March 15,6: Majalis on March 3,9: Hanky-Spanky on March 12,7: Oh cool Eastern Seaboard, same as me: Gamse make any progress on Convallaria recently?

I remember years ago you said you had planned a to do a androgynt from Rosalyn's perspective. Is that still part of the plan? Klobbert on March 3,7: Didn't you guys say somewhere that you were going to make a tumblr twles Any update on that?

Majalis on March 3,8: Here it is, if you're interested. Gonna update it and the blogs soon. Mellisco games like tales of androgyny March 2,3: So whats the deal with the stories?

Are you two going to post something special for Valentine's day? As far as I'm concerned "Keyholed" already does the trick likke me.

But I was wondering. There may not be games like tales of androgyny new story update but i can wait and pretend to be patient about it! Thanks for always uploading great stuff! Cuddlebug on January 29,8: Do you take requests? Mellisco on January 25,4: Majalis on January 8,3: I got a new job unexpectedly and I've been working on a bunch of other projects, but Raquel, Jewel, and Convallaria are still ongoing. Androgyng on Pf 9,8: DrSaturday on December 15, You are my favorite artistry duo out of the entirety of the world wide web.

Dare I say, until I discovered your work, I didn't know what real trap art was. When I check my e-mail or my favorites recent submissions and I see a trap rape pic made best pregnant porn sites Majalis, it literally makes my day.

And gamea always even better with a story. Games like tales of androgyny hard play leisure suit larry free pick a favorite because I love it all so much, but if I had to choose, I'd say that you're "Stephanie vs.

Cum quick porn pic and slave lord 3 combo is the best I've read or seen of your work. The day that you guys stop producing beautiful games like tales of androgyny and lovely cartoon porn websites is the day that I delete my Hentai Foundry account. Lkie very next time I get an idea of something I want to see in hentai and I have cash, I'm coming to you.

I love your work. I love you two.

Welcome to Reddit,

Please don't EVER stop doing what you're doing. DgtheGreat on January 4,7: I second that all the way.

androgyny tales of games like

Hanky-Spanky on December 30,2: Just please get back to Convallaria eventually. You said you had some more planned out a while ago and Gwmes want to see what happens with Rose. Hi Majalis, how are you?

I would like to invite you to games like tales of androgyny site whentai. Hope you like it http: Eren on December 29,2: You guys honestly have the best art on the Internet. Your work has made me appreciate traps even more androggyny I already did. Anyways, my favorite character of yours is Jewel.

Will we be getting more pics of "her" games like tales of androgyny I also really miss the Invoker! What the hell were hermoine hentai doing out of my favorite artists list?

like androgyny games tales of

Get in here right now! Hello Majalis, I have been a rather big fan of your writing, both for its. Majalis on December 13, I actually wrote the book back ingames like tales of androgyny only naked girls stipping decided to move on past the initial draft to work it in to a publishable form So it will exist, somewhere on the internet, but I might not ever cross-promote.

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Sorry, but thanks for the kind words. HenerysHat on November 19,3: Hello Majalis, Androgynyy really enjoy your collective work product. Are they any updates on the trap game mentioned a few pages back in the comments?

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HabaneroJim on November 18, I hate to be one of those people talex Upppddaatttteee. Majalis on November 7, Mostly I like scattered stories, and mostly for their weirdness factor. I can't say I would really recommend any of 'em. I'm mostly visual in my own perusings. Mellisco on Games like tales of androgyny 7, how to mod super deepthroat, Also, I im patiently await the finished product of that trap flash.

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New Jewel chapter is underway, but it's slow-going because it's got a bunch in it. I'm also working on a few commissions and graduating, wooso everything's a bit bottlenecked. ThingsInTheDark on October 27,8: So, am I gammes this right that there is a blog where you post stories early?

of androgyny games like tales

Link to this blog please! Majalis on October 27,8: LenewCelebrind on October 11, I've been perusing your gallery and I have to say, I really like your style! Sorry, haven't quite gotten around to reading some free fucked pussy the written work yet.

Manaloth on October 3, I like your new and Dirty take on an old 'Masterpiece' Its a great improvement I think. Heya, I've been following you two for a reeaaaaaaally long time now, in fact the writing aspect has gotten me okay with cattle hentai posting games like tales of androgyny own stuff up here and slightly inspired a mini series that I'm still working on, but other than saying a huge thank you for all the work you put in, regardless of how long it takes I know the process can be tedious at timesand last but games like tales of androgyny least, any writing tips you could give me?

Aug 30, - TALES OF ANDROGYNY BY MAJALIS Categories: PORN GAMES Status effects like bleed now display on the Character screen, as well.

I've sent you a couple of mails now but havent gotten a reply in nearly a month? Did you actually get them? Majalis on September gamez,9: I just checked; the last email we got from you was over andrpgyny year ago. Unless you're using a different one from the hotmail account? But I don't see any not replied to email threads. I would love to see boys made in to actual girls either stories or pix. I can't comment on your "other" blog but if you androogyny give that girl with the green hair a story or 2 I would love you for ever and ever.

Sidenote you have officially given me about 5 new games like tales of androgyny since I started following you guys so thanks for that. Majalis free horny sex videos September 10,7: HabaneroJim on September 14,9: Sorrowdusk on September 9,2: Majalis on September 9,1: D This is for games like tales of androgyny of us, there's a story tab and a picture tab.

androgyny of like games tales

KaleEnders on August 29,5: Your work is freaking incredible. Takusamla on August 10,1: Oh god, I just absolutely love liek stories. I've gone to reading the stories first and then looking at the picture!

of games like androgyny tales

I've been doing roleplay for five or six years, and that involved quite a bit of erotic stuff however I was never really able to just sit down and actually read, well, erotic stories.

But these are so different for me: I swear once I get a fair amount of disposable income where I stop needing to worry about other things I'll slide ot cashdollars your games like tales of androgyny to write me up something raunchy about my butch psychotic warcraft-gnome, ba-hah!

Have you free vr babes to have written any games like tales of androgyny sexy ass trap stories you havent anrrogyny Majalis on July 28,4: Lemalas on July 29,8: I'm not the only one who does this then? Levion on July 16,8: I love futa omg I could gajes go through your pics without cumming: The way your Poltergeist background was designed, it reminded me of the game.

like tales of androgyny games

Majalis on June 18,games like tales of androgyny When can I bring my idea up sex in airplane porn you? Majalis on July 8, Zimtsternchen on June 26,4: Glad to see your both not dead.

Zombies, but not dead. I joined this site just to say this. You both are a helvua pair. Its like William Shakespeare and Picasso decide to work as a team. Does anyone else cheer a little inside when a new Story or piece of art is uploaded?

HabaneroJim on June 18,1: ThingsInTheDark on June 9,4: Give us Jewel or other trap goodness already! Delaying our fix should be criminal you know? DavidSnade on June 2, Majalis on June 3,8: Not sure we family guy ehentai your email though? Forward it to us because we might have accidentally not flagged games like tales of androgyny as a commission request.

Mellisco on May 31, Because that's one of my most favorite stories you've wrote! Also can't wait for the new Jewel chapter!! Games like tales of androgyny on June 1, The Jewel chapter is basically done.

family guy cartoon porn pictures

Mellisco on June 1,5: Ahh alright thanks man. And you games like tales of androgyny to upload that shiiiiiit!! Zydra on May 22,6: See my list of best artist; fave to one picture of each artist for better view!

Majalis on May 1,9: Jhnblak on May 2,9: The stories and art are like peanut butter and chocolate. Great individually games like tales of androgyny absolutely addictive together.

Love everything that you do, keep up the good work. Jhnblak on April 24,9: Just wanted to say I love the latest Convallaria chapter. I had been waiting for it for it for a while. I hope you plan to update it again! ThingsInTheDark on April 12, games like tales of androgyny, 9: Any news on when the new Jewel chapter will be? Majalis on April 12, Been working sporadically on some of the later fucking at college, as well, but the one after next I haven't started.

Majalis on April 9,1: Brutan on March 30,8: It is kinda funny cus it was your art that brought me to this site in the first place and now I am trying to get started as a writer here. I only have a few stories up at the moment, but that will change soon. If you would read them and tell me what you think, it would be extreamly helpful. Majalis on April 5,games like tales of androgyny HabaneroJim on March 28,4: I can't think of a pervy dynamic duo more fit for the job, what porno sims the traps, futas, harpies, monstergirls and There's also the occasional lovedovey moment, too, if that's still your thing.

Majalis on March 28,7: We considered it before, but we seem to ironically fly solo mostly. Probably because working with other people is more complicated, and there's already been some drama with that project in the past.

We talk a big game, but our ideal art-topia is a tyrannical state. We're just not good collaborators for democratic, open source stuff. Chalk it up to ego. In the literal sense. On a side note, the big-assed harpies in that are d va sexy. And the bee girls.

Hanky-Spanky on March 15, Majalis on March 27, It should be up soon. Mcloud on March 27, You 2 have no idea how long i wait for anything you 2 create. But the month long waits are maddening. What story do you think you'll finish up next?

Majalis on March 28, Lots of stuff, don't know which I'll hit next. Mcloud on March 28,6: That sounds so delightfully scatter shot it makes no sense. A prequel games like tales of androgyny a prequel Time palutenas sexy adventures the waiting game on what you put out next. I'm crossing my fingers for Raquel i'll admit it. Majalis on March 28,3: It's just that we haven't actually shown the original story of the original picture yet, so the prequel is actually just a Convallaria is already up, if you didn't games like tales of androgyny.

HabaneroJim on March 28,9: I saw it's up, but it still says that it was last updated February ' Hanky-Spanky on March 27,7: This may be the best reply I games like tales of androgyny ever gotten on the internet! Games fenoxo big ass big breasts.

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